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I’m in a mood where I hate everyone but I also want some company. Like I want to have sex but hate the person I’m doing it with. That’s weird right?

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punkrocketry: you are very pretty, wow!!


Aw thank you lovely! :*

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Anonymous: if i come off anon what will you do? im so shy and awkward its disgusting.


Talk to you?! I don’t bite, I promise. I’m friendly (I think), so theres nothing to be shy about, however I know exactly how you feel :’) you dont have to show yourself if you dont want to or feel uncomfortable doing so, but it would be nice! ;D x

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Anonymous: Can we see a pic of you in a bra or belly shirt?


I dont have any photos like that I dont think, you can look through my tagged page if you want tho I might of posted some but I cant rly remember

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Anonymous: you described my personality and how i approach relationships and part of my physical appearance besides blue eyes i have green eyes. but really youre a complete catch and i wish i were lucky enough to give you all of that.


Awh really? :$ get your butt off anon!

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I wanna dress as if I’m homeless but pull it off so well that I look hot at the same time but Idk how (so basically ridiculously casual/’grunge’-like yet cute as well)

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vebston janemargolisx
Anonymous: You and agingb0nes would be incredible together! Defo ship it!!<3





Would we?! Ayuuuup, never been ‘shipped’ with someone before! Haha (shes a babe tho so I’m not complaining)


I totally ship this.


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frilllyknickers janemargolisx
Anonymous: ideal type of guy you are into?


Erm, it varies! But the guys I’m usually attracted to are quite similar looking, like, messy hair, fringe, brown hair, blue eyes, nice teeth, smell good, sarcastic sense of humour but really lovely, similar music taste, easy going, tall(ish), freckles, braces, beards are cool, tattoos are cool, skinny boys r cool, family oriented, likes to be lazy but has ambition, enjoys life and doesnt bring the people around him down, open minded, passionate, funny, open to new things, likes going on adventures, likes lying in bed naked all day, enjoys late nights, someone that can understand me when I want to be a bit distant or have my own space and who understands how nervous/scared I am in certain situations, basically who can be my friend as well as partner I guess (obviously all the things to do with appearance that I mentioned varies a l o t and someone doesnt have to look like that or have a beard, tattoos, blue eyes etc for me to find them attractive of course) x

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Honesty hour- get personal. 

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*sees good art*
*gets excited*
*thinks I can art*
*tries to art*
*cant art*


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shslcutie lucificious
Anonymous: Have you ever been in love? xxx


I think so, I think I was anyway, but I know all love is different each time so I’m guessing in the near future if/when I fall for someone else I’ll probably say I was never really in love with that person after all (I hope this happens anyway cause he was a cunt and never deserved my love) x

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